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Aug 11, 2012

i found some rot on my seicento and i would like to see what you guys think about it. basically i'd like to put a roll cage into the car, and since it's an expensive-ish thing to do, i'd like to get another 2-3 years of use out of the car. i like the car and i don't mind welding some plates on every once in a while, but if i have to replace the entire floor within a year then i'd rather get rid of it and get something else....

anyway, boot/trunk floor is fine, rear wheel arches have the typical rot in the back corners, everything else is mostly surface rust (i tried poking with a screwdriver). underside of doors and everything else is good. i discovered a hole in the floor a few days ago, you can see the size in the photo (it's towards the edge of the car, on the outer most (of the 4) "rails"). another thing to note is that the car bends when jacked up - you can't easily open the driver's door when jacking up the car (passenger side is better).

so, what do you think?

thanks and happy holidays!


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Other than the rust hole, it doesn't look too bad.

Someone has tried covering some areas that are starting to go. I would grind the. Back with a wire wheel and treat them properly to stop then getting worse.

If all the areas you pictured are still solid. I would clean off the rust, treat and then paint to protect it.
Cut that rusty hole out and patch it and it should be fine for a few more years.

How bad is the rust in the rear arches?
i covered the gray areas back in march, i used some rust converter and thick primer paint. i think the primer paint was not that good of an idea.

i took out the carpet today to see how bad the area around the hole is. it honestly doesn't seem too bad, i think the car is staying.

you can also see the wheel arches; here the passenger side is the bad one, and driver's side is totally clean (btw this is a LHD car).

thanks for your input! if anyone has any other advice, i'd be happy to hear it.


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It's starting to turn, but the car still has life left in her before it gets too bad.

I would do the floor and possibly have a go at the wheel arch bits.

It should do you 2-3 years if you keep on top of it.