Technical (Yet another [newbie]) Oil leak question

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Technical (Yet another [newbie]) Oil leak question


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Jun 26, 2021
Evening all,

New to the world of Fiats and Sei's. X reg, had it a week and has quite the oil leak.

Looks to be driver's side to the "front" of the engine, as per the attached pic of the cardboard I put under it today. This was roughly 8 hours.

My search on this sub forum forum indicates the most common oil leak sources are the engine or the gearbox.

I'm going with engine as it's very clear and judging by the dipstick it looks to be the same.

The Sei is so low getting under it is neigh impossible at the moment. I do plan to try trace it hence the underside pic may be helpful in the mean time ?

Recommended oil for top ups?
Where is a good jacking point?
Where is good to put axle stands?

Any assistance much appreciated.


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Is that the pan?

If it's coming from the oil pan you can just drain the oil.. Get the old oil pan out.. Clean the old gasket.

Get a new oil pan and a good gasket and if you fancy put some good appropriate RTV for oil and high temp.

For oil pans and other stuff for my cinquecento I've always ordered from auto doc.. They have everything!
as said, your sump looks pretty rusty, looks like it needs replacing
If the pan is dripping that much, try to clean the pan and leave it rest for the night. By following the trace you should see the origin of the leak.
Anyway I think that previous comments could also give you a clue about what is happening

For the jacks I think that the forum has plenty information about this
Thanks all, for the answers. I found some bits on the jacking points here in the forum, but ended up with some ramps instead.

The rusty sump was pretty spot on - an actual pinhole leak! See pic attached. Will be replacing ASAP.

Appreciate the feedback very much


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