Annoying neighbour

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Annoying neighbour

It can be a very awkward situation you are in there mate. I had problems with a neighbour a few years back and ended up getting in a fight, it then made life very awkward and the atmosphere was never pleasant.
I moved away and ended up with a neighbour that was even worse. Done pretty much the same thing, made some threats when he refused to do anything about things, he said he'd oblige and not be naughty any more but still done it so another fight was called for. He then moved away, and within a few weeks we were burgled :rolleyes: coincidence maybe but I doubt it.

All I am saying is, if you really wanna live in peace then relax and try not to let it get to you any more, if it really is too much and you can't bear things as they are then give the guy a smack in the mouth :D

Just kidding :D

Ask him really nicely and make sure you keep the atmosphere friendly under all circumstances, otherwise life could change dramatically as someone you thought was a good bloke could turn out to be the complete opposite and you have to live next to that maybe for the rest of your life :confused: