Ways to annoy letting agent...

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Ways to annoy letting agent...

Sep 24, 2004
Long story made short:

Rented accommodation through letting agent with landlord in next building and spoke to them regularly (very annoying and nosey).

Lived on my own on in property for a while with no problems. All Bills are included.

Girlfriend started coming over few evenings a week.

Landlord confronted me and said it wasnt permitted and had been noting how often she came over.

Checked contract and it says nothing about guests. Informed letting agent.

Landlord made us feel uncomfortable, so started looking at other houses ready for end of contract.

Found an amazing property so decided i wanted to just get out even if it meant paying 2 lots of rent for 3 months.

Landlord agreed i could end contract early if letting agent could find someone, obviously with more fees to letting agent if they do.

Signed to agree to the terms of this etc.

Checked online the other day and property had gone from everywhere online. No viewing had been made in over a week and letting agent making no effort to get rid of it.

I have 1 more lot of rent to pay on 18th this month and then im free.

They have annoyed me on several other occasions (have complained a couple of times including them letting themselves without any notice) and i want to know how i can really get some bitter-sweet payback.

Im thinking:

Make appointments to view places (farthest from office) and obviously not show up.

Request all information they have on myself. Should waste a bit of their time.

Additional to this i would like to know if i can get any compensation for the week that they hadnt even advertised?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.