AMP Remote turn on lead HELP

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AMP Remote turn on lead HELP

Sep 5, 2007
Ive just got my amp and sub all wired out for the power size and connected to my speakers via the rca to speaker converter thing. All i need to know now is what do i do with the remote lead from the amp, where abouts does that go?
Does it go into the headunit somewhere?
I dont know just need that bit of info and im sorted,

It goes to a +12V switched supply, so it will supply power to the amp when the headunit's switched on.

What headunit you got?
There should be a remote cable in the HU's wiring loom (it'll be blue or blue/white).
If you cant find the RMT cable from the HU just get out a multi meter and check under the dash for some plugs that show 12v when the ignition comes on and then you can use that supply and wire up a when you flick the switch the amp powers :) its what i did lol