alright boys and girl? i am new

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alright boys and girl? i am new

bleach tastes nice

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Jan 30, 2006
hey, hows it goin?
just got given a cinq of my uncle, its a red, standard, M reg, 998cc cinq
but i think its a lil beauty
and hopefully it wont be standard for long......

been reading post's for a about a week now,
think the forum's great
glad to be a member

cheers, bleach
cheers for that :D

imonfire - you like a wee tipple or you a hardcore bleach drinker? lol

sammiboo - shame about coupie :(
Hi to you newbie(y) now are you the kind of bleach that kills 99% of house hold germs :D
cheers GhostWKD :)
cheers helz, nice to hear from another cumbrian!! aint livin there now thoe, still sunny?:p
cheers PNL, you guessed it, its also good for....

What you need:
A toilet.
Hydrogen Peroxide.
Sodium Iodide.

The Job:
Put some sodium iodide in the bowl of the toilet.
Empty some hydrogen peroxide in the toilet refill tank.

The Effect:
As someone comes along to flush the toilet it will start bubbling foam then fill the whole bathroom with it's foaminess of Doom.

be carfull thoe, this could be dangerous :rolleyes:

cheers H2DaE, must agree but it aint HRD-CORE!! :devil: