alloy insurance???

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alloy insurance???


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Jan 23, 2006
Kingston Upon Hull
hey ma mates jus bought one of those Stilo 1.6 16V which cost him a bomb to insure. He has bought some 17" alloys for it but doesnt no wether or not to declare it on his insurance. I told him that it cost me extra £120 on my insurance jus for some 15" and he is now thinkin about risking it lol. Wot do you think??

My insurance didn't ask what size they were so doubt it would cost any more. He might get to insure them for less than you. Who knows until he phones up.

If he crashes he may well have his insurance void and he'll be seriously out of pocket and facing possible criminal charges.

It's his call.
hes better off telling insurers that he has got alloys that cost him less than £200, increase will be less he wont get what they are worth if he claims but at least he will still be insured
Rang my broker re. alloys, as I was thinking of swopping my 15' steelies for alloys and pointed out that me dad with an identical car (Stilo 1.6 5dr Active Aircon) was offered alloys as a no cost option by the dealer. They checked with Insurance Co. and there was no increase in premium for a set of alloys upto £200.00 in value Broker got a reference no. from Insurance Co. and once I was ready to fit alloys just had to ring and say to my Broker that from X date I would have them fitted and that was that! Please DO NOT make the mistake of not declaring your wheels as it give scope for being left high and dry in the event of a claim :)
I dunno if im the only one here but i work for an insurance company, and the size of the wheel isnt the factor that affects the premium some insurers dont mind u putting alloys on and wont bump ur premiums up as long as u tel them they have aftermarket alloys on. Others will charge u but this can be determined how much u paid for the alloys, in the event of a claim and u havent notified them of the mods including ur alloys this can void the insurance, however in cases (not saying all the time) u can agree to pay the extra money it would cost to add the mods and also the excess and ur claim will become settled. dunno if this is any help :eek: