Alfa 145/146, what are they like?

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Alfa 145/146, what are they like?

mmm 2.0 16 TS cloverleaf, pretty quick car (aledegadly) and fairly cheap (can have a revised suspension >1996 model with under 100k for under a grand!!!), insurance could be the deciding factor as always :rolleyes:

but 155bhp in a wedge shaped tipo based thing, funny that they call it a leaf:D
Ive been looking at getting an alfa for my next car, and ive found that the insurance on the 2.0 is a hell of a lot, yet the 1.6 is very reasonable.
Both good cars, the 146 probably has slightly better handling. Need looking after but good value.

Chap at work had a 145 he loved it but it went wrong alot and fell apart, there again he did drive at 120mph everywhere.
this one got me going:-


all he changed on the outside was the wheels and cleaned and painted calipers, did quite a bit of engine work apparently, but kept it quiet. According to the 'junior' had the affordable 1.6TS 16v engine, HOWEVER, came with cloverleaf bodykit some minue the cloverleaf symbol alltogether, others had a blue 'leaf' but finding a RHD one of them could be tough, maybe just easier to find a regular rosso red 1.6TS (after 1996 as they actually handled then :LOL:) and bolt on some bits (sills and wheels, and bumpers).