Technical Alarm nightmare

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Technical Alarm nightmare


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Apr 20, 2004
Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Got a '97 P-plate Coupe back in October and had a nightmare with the alarm in recent months.

Replaced the battery as the old one was pretty much dead but the sensors seem ultra sensitive (will switch it on, walk away and the indicators will be flashing (think the horn's switched off)). Was working fine in terms of remote central locking and the like but then this morning, though the light comes on the fob, it wouldn't deactivate the alarm or unlock the doors.

I've not played around with the slider on the side of the fob (though God knows what it does as the handbook tells me nothing) and the override key point in the glovebox the manual talks about isn't there despite me having two keys that look like they'd be for that.

For reference, the fobs are rectangular with two buttons. Have tried any number of combinations to get it to work, think it got confused and the red light stayed on - had to loosen the fob's battery to get it to go out.

So yeah, I can't drive the car without the indicators flashing, which I'll get pulled over for and don't know how to get this to stop. All I want is working remote central locking. How bloody hard can it be? :(


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Aug 26, 2012
the alarm system is a pain on coupes. I have disconnected both alarms on my coupes. I have ditched the remote central locking and just use the key.
To disconnect it swing down the fuse board and while lying on your back look underneath the dash board beyond the fuse board.
Look for a LIGHT BLUE connector. Pull this apart and hey presto disconnected alarm.
Hope this helps.