Technical Adjusting the headlight beam

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Technical Adjusting the headlight beam

Feb 16, 2005
I have just replaced my bulbs as i thought one had blown (actually an electrical gremlin, now sorted).

While doing this though, I noticed the left hand light points lower than the right hand. I've looked around and it appears they should both be at the same level...correct?

Its been like this for years and had no MOT probs, but now i think it may be broken, and i would like to fix it.

I have read that a part can break inside the both the reflectors can be moved about, as they did when fitting the bulbs, not sure if they should though lol

The motorised adjustment does work ok.

Is there a manual adjustment along with the electrical adjuster, or are they foobar, and need fixing with a spring or piece of wood like another thread suggests?

Any ideas?

Well, they don't move when driving, just one seems low. I'll have a look in the daylight for a manual adjustment in addition to the electrical adjustment (y)

Also in the daylight i can hopefully see there are no broken parts, but not 100% where im looking lol. Sure it will be obvious in the light though :)

On the electrical adjustment Sei lights you can adjust the height with the IIRC 5mm Allen fitment on top of motor, once you look for it you will wonder why you ever missed it.

You are correct both lamps should be same height, though there is sure fire way of making sure they are spot on. Come MOT time they should be checked with correct alignment equipment and most will adjust so they are correct for nothing.
lol, yep, even in my minds eye i can now see that adjuster, but never guessed it was for that :nutter:

When i grab my car for work in the morning, I'll give it an adjustment in the garage.

Cheers Aaron, I'll let everyone know how it goes and snap a shot of it.....maybe the easiest guide ever to make (y)