Technical ABS Light after 5 mins of driving

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Technical ABS Light after 5 mins of driving


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Jan 9, 2019
Hi Everyone,

I have been working for a while to get my 1.6 Stilo to an MOT'able condition.

There is one final thing that is holding me back which is the ABS Light coming on after 5 mins of driving without fail.

I have scanned the OBD port which has come up with some error codes,

Three are to do with the O2 sensors which I'm sorting.

The other two are:

P0601 - Internal control Module Memory Check Sum Error
P0606 - PCM Processor Fault

I have removed the ECU and had a look at it. I needed to solder 1 pin but aside from this it all looks good and clean.

I'm Struggling to figure out why this is happening and what the fix could be for it.

I don't know if anyone else as had experience with this issue and if they have managed to come up with a fix for it.

Any ideas would be very welcome

Thanks for reading