Technical ABS control unit fault

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Technical ABS control unit fault

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Oct 19, 2007
This is my first contact with the forum. I am having a problem with the ABS on my much-loved 2001 multi (1600, petrol). I have had the ABS fault warning come on once or twice in the last 4 months, but it goes off again. However I am more concerned that on one or two occasions when I have applied the brakes, they have felt odd, sort of hard or juddery (this has not happened on the same days that I have had a warning). I am told that the ABS control unit needs replacing and that the strange feel to the brakes is due to the anti lock system coming on. I am in shock about the price of a new control unit! Does anybody think that there may be another solution/cause. Can the unit be repaired? Would a 'used' unit be worth considering? Would appreciate your thoughts.

I had a similar problem with my 52plate multipla with 150 miles,with mine the light came on for short time then went off this was happening now and then your brakes will work ok its just not going to apply ABS braking, later the light stayed on so there is only one cure-yeh you got it replace the ABS control unit.This thing is expensive around £750 you can get a recondition unit for around £150, best thing is to search the net type in abs control unit and there shold be some brakers who might have a second hand unit or try this number 08719837414 Auto Tech. you will need to give you part No. which is on the ABS unit near the brake pipe connections.If you get a garage to fit a second hand unit make sure they balance the system correctly the whole brake system will require bleeding.

In my case I paid £850 to fiat garage for a new fitted unit, since even a second hand part my not be in good condition with no garantee.Its not worth taking a chance went it comes to brake system, if you intend to keep your multipla for some time its worth fitting new one.