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Technical 850 tick over

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Mar 3, 2017
I have stripped and cleaned my 30DIC carb,the engine runs OK, but even at running temperature,the car runs weak, Ive adjusted the bleed screw, as per the handbook, but When I partially cover the intake choke the revs increase considerably. any advice out there?
Take out and clean the two idle jets, look on an exploded drawing to find them as many people miss out this important action.

Thanks, but Ive done that, both jets have the same hole size. I was thinking of enlarging the primary jet, but am a bit nervous about that.
So you cleaned the two jets in the bottom of the float chamber at the back of the carb
Yes, also the two idle jets, the one by the accelerator pump I guess is the one that delivers to the primary choke for tick over. Until I get this sorted, the car is pretty much undriveable
Some people don't realise the idle jets are separate and miss them. Check your fuel pump spacing and diaphragm to ensure you are filling the carb properly. Check float height etc too.I

I put a bigger diameter idle jet in the primary a 55, and this seems to have solved the problem. The carb is the correct 30dic but probably from another car with a different set-up. Thanks for help, maybe pass you on the road one day.
Hi Tony.

Just wondering if your using E5 or E10 as this can make quite a difference on the older engines.

Hi Tim,

I recently fitted a 30dic to my 843, so far so good but in Ireland we can now only get E10 thanks to the green party here. What differences should we be on the lookout for?

Things to look out for are.

Less power. Poor degradation over time and E10 Can break down the inside of fuel lines hence debris in the filters.

We can still get E5 As the higher octane fuels at 99 octane so this is the best choice if you can.