Technical 67 850 Spider dash lights

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Technical 67 850 Spider dash lights


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Sep 9, 2022
Everything is working but the dash lights, everything. I double checked all fuses, all fine according to the book they should be.

Thinking it might be the dimmer knob under the ash tray? Provided that is really a dimmer for them. Looked into taking it out....does not look like fun. Got the ring off the front fairly easy, but there is very little room behind there with the heater box right there. Thought perhaps from the top, take out the ash tray, un screw the one screw holding the housing in.....dead end.

Any suggestions on going forward, not really sure this is the problem.

The manual I have for the car, part in english the wiring diagram is in Italian, that makes it a bit rougher.

Car looks fairly clean, no monkeys in the wiring over the years, so the book should be good if I could just read it.

Thanks, got the old gal back on the street, and would like to drive it to work now and again, but it is dark when I leave so those lights are really needed.

Thanks again.