500 500s 1.2, most fun car I have owned 😊

There is a certain disproportionate level of FUN 😜 to be had from a quite low powered car with the wheelbase of a scotch- egg !.
Makes yer feel like your actually driving the thing (y)rather than just along for the ride!!.
Puzzles me how Fiat managed to so much body roll into em! :unsure:??? must be due to having springs and dampers that came out of a biro pen that does it!πŸ˜‰ nothing quite like the feeling when you go into a corner slightly to fast!, and the suspension unloads and yer cheepo budget tyres give up!:eek: lets you know your alive for sure 🀣( but for how long who knows!):unsure:
fear and fun go a bit hand in hand id say!:sneaky:
Chipped ? 69 > 135 bhp ! Give me a clue what I can do with my Twin Air Panda.
It’s my winter car with GV4SeasonsG3 on.
My summer car is an 2L MX5 Mk3. Perfect combination.
The best tuning mod i have done on my stock 1.2 500 is never to take the wife out in it! 🀣 keeps the weight down and power to weight ratio up!(y)+ the really annoying" your going to fast"!πŸ€” :rolleyes:alarm never goes off either!:LOL:
I've got one of them. Fortunately it's more usually installed in the Mazda. Of course that means there are two (female) voices telling me I'm going too fast!:confused: The satnav joins in for good measure with "You are over the speed limit" - which I'm not!:giggle: The dashcam displays the actual GPS speed and I go by that, while the inaccurate car speedo says I'm over.πŸ™ƒ
I'm saying BS unless we have details of the mods and a dyno chart.
I have found that me bum is a fairly good indicator of how fast im going!!🀣 perhaps thats why its called a"seat of your pants feeling"?😏
I flatter myself I'm a reasonable judge of speed after 52 years on the road but I like to drive right on the edge - if the limit's 60kph I want to be doing 60kph, hence the HUD in the FIAT. πŸ™ƒ
I must admit the Twinair 105 S was probably the best car I’ve owned.
Although I’ve just swapped it for something a little more powerful.πŸ˜‰
I’ll let you know how I get on πŸ˜‚