5 UT's on ebay!! how rare!

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5 UT's on ebay!! how rare!

Few rough ones there:-

1st one - Folks would think it was a 45 with CC'd bumpers.

2nd one - Needs a fair it of tlc

3rd one - Could take a bit of work and cash before it seen the road again far less a track!

4th one - well.......................

5th one - Quite original looking, the best of the bunch for me.

dazzdog said:
Tell me about it. It says CHINA for the item location :D
i got it wrong when i wrote that, edited my post now.....but still like thatone too (just asked my mum and shes umming and arring (fingers crossed!!) would be ideal for her at the mo ;) so i said can be my project car hehe

keep me quiet too!

dazzdog said:
You want your mum to get an uno turbo? :slayer:
yeah! she wants my punto at the mo. nearly convinced her to get abarth stilo (she spent a week thinking about the price,decided against the idea :() but she really wants a mk4 escort rs-t (loves the mk4's) :cool:

she knows she wants one! lol

To be honest, I'd just like one with a running engine so I can rip it out and replace the engine on my 1.2 Bravo - now, that'd be a car which would surprise the chav's in their Nova's, Corsa's and Saxo's...
the first one has bodged rear turrets by the pics the owner sent. need redoing. if they are bodged, what about underneath?:(