Technical 40mm TB on 999cc Uno?

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Technical 40mm TB on 999cc Uno?


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May 8, 2005
hay, i figured you'd be to guys to ask on this one, is the 40mm tricker TB a straight swap onto the 999 block? i belive the 999 and 1108 blocks are the same so i assumed it would fit but thought i would check first.

Ryan Edge
Its a FIRE block alright, but its the inlet manifold that matters...

Given they use the same TB on the 899cc Cinq, I would be VERY surprised if they altered the design for the Uno...I'll ePER it and report back!

UPDATE - 'fraid ePER isnt obvious enough and no part numbers are used on both the Cinq/Sei and Uno....only thing I could suggest is could you get a picture? as that may give more info...
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Cheers for that, i'll get onto it tomorrow, can you tell just by looking then? also i wont be able to remove it from the car is that okay?

EDIT: sorry everyone i should have used the search, i found it in the uno section and its not compatable :( maybe tricker can mod mine tho? i will PM him
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The 999 head and the 1108 head are pretty much the same. The differences or not affecting airflow. But you might find that the 40mm could rob you of some torque in the 999 engine. Ultimately you will get more power with it, buch higher up the rev range, which could be in excess of 6000rpm.