4 Stroke Oil Checking

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4 Stroke Oil Checking


'13 Punto MultiAir 105
Mar 28, 2012
Hello everyone. I hope someone can help with something non Fiat as you are such a helpful bunch.

My girlfriend has a Honda PCX 125cc Scooter. It is an absolutely superb little machine however when it comes to a few maintenance points I curse it!

It is 4 stroke so it doesn't consume any engine oil??

When it comes to checking the oil level it proves very difficult. The dipstick measuring end is about 1cm long so it is very difficult to get a proper reading.

I've tried it when it is hot, warm and cold always on the centre stand and cannot get a decent reading from it. It is properly serviced as per the manual and is due in about 1000 miles from now (3000 mile or 6 month interval). Am I worrying too much about ensuring the oil is ok considering it is 4 stroke?

I was getting so frustrated the other day I was tempted to follow instructions I had found on the PCX forum and just change the oil for peace of mind. Bearing in mind I am not too clued up with mechanics (apart from a basic understanding) so this would be a learning curve even though it is very simple to some people!


It's not DESIGNED to use MUCH oil = like a car.. , :)

BUT it can leak / burn / blow by SOME oil,

I know what you mean about useless dipsticks,:bang:

easiest is to let the bike stand , remove dipstick wipe clean,
CAREFULLY re-insert,

then remove again + DAB with a piece of white paper ( don't WIPE),
you SHOULD get an oily imprint showing where the oil had got to on the dipstick, have several goes to average out your results..,

Thanks for the replies.

Looks like it is running a bit dry, can't get a reading so will do a change tomorrow, looked straight forward enough. I noticed 2 small drops of oil on the floor but absolutely no visual signs of a leak... Possibly the rubber seal around the drain plug needs changing. Never seen any oil before this.
well done..!!
keep a close eye on the level for the next few weeks,
as it must have gone somewhere..??,

Thanks Charlie.

I did have a good look over the bike and there is was absolutely no sign of any visible leak.

I am thinking maybe it has something to do with how it is being treated. I have time and again tried to tell her of the importance of letting it idle for 3-5 minutes to warm up before riding as we were told by the dealer and all advice suggests especially in the colder months but there are times when I don't think this is happening. I read somewhere that a 4 stroke engine is likely to burn oil if driven from cold, whether this is right I don't know but it seems to add up.

She was impressed how much better it went yesterday after the oil change so hopefully will be a bit more careful now. The plan is to try and sell it soon anyway.