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Jul 20, 2005
Not an exciting thread but i managed to get a hold of the roof bars on ebay but minus the fitting instructions, anybody know where i can download the instructions or even just an assembly drawing, feel a bit stupid, qualified mechainical engineer and cant put bloody roof bars on, getting stick from my 6 year old,


I have the bars, and I'm sure I've got the instructions somewhere.
If I find them, I'll scan and send them to you.

Might need your email address, not sure if you can send attachments with PMs.
Had me fooled as well when i first looked at it.:)
Have a look on the 3 door Stilo roof and just about where you'd place the 4 "feet" of the roof bars you'll find 4 slot covers, each about 4" x 1.2" with a small slot in each. These open up by pulling them up from under the smaller edge to reveal a predrilled hole into which you screw the feet of your roof bars. Things should be easy after that

As you can't move the roof bars just anywhere along the length of the car then if you have a roof box you'll probably need to re drill the roof box to fit the bars:rolleyes:
What the quaility of those ones of Ebay like? Cos i'm thinking of getting set of roof bars...don't really want to shell out £134 for fiat ones even tho they look top! :D
Ok I have scanned the relevant pages as JPEG, but I don't have software to OCR or convert to PDF.

I have attached the 4 image files

Maybe someone else to convert them further.

Hope this helps


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Ok :) well i've got the bike carrier a Thule one not Fiat one...I best keep an eye on Ebay then :)
pc99 said:
Ok I have scanned the relevant pages as JPEG, but I don't have software to OCR or convert to PDF.
Cheers for that - I will sort it out somehow, probably make a Guide out of them (y)

I am sure my scanner does it direct to PDF format if needed - well useful :)
Thanx for all the information, glad i am not the only one that might need this help,

this is only from memory, but heres a quick step by step...

1. Lift up the small flaps on the roof using a flat blade screwdriver

2. screw the bolts (shorter thread side) into the holes beneath these flaps (long ones at the front, small at rear)

3. Then place the feet over the bolts with the deeper, contoured ones at the front with the overhangs facing into the car.

4. Place the rubber covers over these feet, again deeper ones at front (these are also cut to fit the contour of the roof).

5. The place the bars over these feet, with the bolt passing through the middle hole (the bars should be marked as to which is the front!).

6. Then place the thick spacer over the potruding bolt, with the concave side facing upwards.

7. Place the shaped spacer (this should fit into the curve of the thick spacer) over the bolt as well.

8. Then put the locking washer on top of this and then finally screw the nut onto the stack. (you don’t have to tighten this too much or the locking washer will crumble!)

9. After this is tightened up, clip the covers onto the bars and then tighten up the hex bolt which holds them on.

10. Job done!

StiloBoy said:
I got genuine Fiat ones for £50 on ebay, bargain, might even fit them one day, if i can get some original Fiat bike carriers.

Were they new? It's just that my bars have been sitting in my shed for the last 6 months and I'm thinking of selling them. I just wondered what I could ask for them. (y)