Technical 1996 1.6 16V idle issues

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Technical 1996 1.6 16V idle issues


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Oct 17, 2004
I've gone out and bought my wife a bravo... I am used to working on my Uno which has a carb so problems are simple to fix.

The problem we have at the moment is that the car seems to be running too lean. The engine surges at low revs and sometimes just cuts out. There doesnt seem to be much of a engine temp relation, although I have noticed that if you let the engine warm up then the engine almost always cuts out when the radiator fan turns OFF...

My thoughts at the moment are:
A voltage issue
An air leak
A mixture issue (maybe lambda sensor)

Any thoughts?

I have removed the ISCV and cleaned that, which made a bit of a difference, I have also replaced the cam belt (and put all the pullys back in the right place)...
It sounds like lamda sensor to me! A similar problem to my Brava before 2 years!When you start the engine does the car runs well the first minutes?If so then definetly lamda sensor!
In order to find quickly whether the lamda sensor is the problem, try removing it, and see if the car's performance is worse.

If it's not (e.g. the same or better perf.) then you know, the lamda is the problem.

*Prefer to buy a lamda sensor specifically for bravo-a and not universal one*
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