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Styling 17s


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Dec 23, 2005
Can any 1 tell me what I would have to do to get 17s on my cinq? I already have coilovers and I just need to know what offset? and what areas to mod? thanks
major arch work, and to put it bluntly it would take about 3 hours to pull away with that size of wheel.

What coilovers?? :p

post some pics of your car mate..

digit said:
Can any 1 tell me what I would have to do to get 17s on my cinq?

Be prepared for major archwork, and the acceleration of a sloth once fitted
TurboCinqy said:
That sounds familiar!^^ :p

Doh! :p

Never read yours properly as it mentioned bout coilovers so only proofread it.

I would like to add if you fit 17's i would forget having rear passengers as they will rub like theres no tomorrow or any weight at all in the back

And lowering if any will be bare minimum
19s have been done, but IMHO look a bit sh!te...



and 17s wouldn't look too much smaller...
The state of that cinq gives clubcento a bad name(n) .
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I really want 17s as I intend on taking the back seats out anyway i dont need passengers and I am going to slam it as low as possible. Im doing all of the work myself so am prepared for a sh!t load of work lol the coilovers are just for the front (FK ones) and I have 60 mm springs with adjustable dampers for the back. Sorry I cant post any pics no camera yet but will get that sorted. I also intend to completely smooth the bodywork euro style. Thanks for any advice lads.
Euro-style bodywork and 17s dont go.

But if your dead set on the idea then dont let us stop you.

PS the only way your going to get 17s on and a 60mm drop is with flared arches.
IIRC the size of the wheels meant it couldnt have a proper rear bumper :D

They probably got em on with a great deal of difficulty
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Hippycinqs gets away with it because its got a low kit on. it it had the standard bumpers on it would look stupid.

the black cinqi with 19s doesnt look too bad from the front as the storm1 bumper is really really low!

anyway, hippycinqs cinq is amazing :slayer: :worship:
imo those style of wheels look good on 16s (shauns) and hippycinqs looks amazing :slayer: but they have radical kits so it kinda looks good, no kit would look silly and high...