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Technical 16v block 8v head


Dec 19, 2005

I know this sounds odd, but im wanting to take a 1242 16v engine, lose the head, and fit a 1242 8v head to it, I want to do this because i want to fit it to my cinq. The 1242 16v bottom end is a better specification ie ladder braced crank etc. By fitting the 8v head i wish to retain my spi system, and avoid all the nightmares thats is changine ecu's and routing cables etc.

Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.
Can be done, but it is not as straight forward as it looks.

The cam belt is wider on the 16v because it has got to pull two cams and the pulley is different. The 16v timing belt pulleys have got an interference fit unlike the the 8v. The rpm pickup is a bit further away from the block because of the wider timing belt. This means that the cam pulley needs to be spaced out when using the 16v block with a 8v head.

There is a number of other problems to overcome but they are not as bad, which would partly be the same as the 16v engine conversion. Some of the problems I can't remember because it is a long time that I have done the 16v conversion.

I personally would go for the 75 block with a 75 head and your MPI manifold.