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tried the search but didnt work because computer is messed up

OZ Seicento how much work did you have to have done??? Because im think of getting some 15" Wolfrace Street Octanes.

Found these out on the net and it says 4x100 which should work with special bolts and a ET 38. Dont know much about wheels etc. :eek:

:worship: If anyone can help much appreciated :worship:
Nice looking wheels mate(y)
I had to have the rear arches rolled, i trimmed part of the bumper but the bit your not gona like, had to be done due to width, and to keep the wheels inside the arches, was a slight trimming of the rear trailing arms. had to be done because the arms are made two parts joined together but when this is done there is extra metal along the join. i had that trimmed back and welded to strenghen it up. passed N.I. mot without a prob:D
Hope that helps

I have too.


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oz i am thinkin of fitting ronal turbos that are 15x7 does this mean i will have to go through all the work you did? also how much did it cost you for the rear arch work or did you do it ur self?
its highly possible mate, won't know till you try.
I was told it was about 25quid an arch but think i only paid 25 total, that was by powerflow. it is a good job i have to admit. its not a complete roll as i can still fit side skirts on, when royal mail get their finger out and deliever them after 6 f**king weeks:mad: :bang:
if you want i can get you pics of the rear arms too, but you will have to give me a few weeks till i put the OZs back on:D
let me know sure

yep they fit great.
hope to change them fri or sat, depending on how the weather holds up and how much grit they put down during the week:bang: , so ill hopefully have some pics soon mate