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Technical Alloy wheel advice

cinquecentos 4 life

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Jun 29, 2010
Hi all,

Quick question for anyone with knowledge or expertise in wheel fitments, I recently bought a Cinq sporting and would like to change the wheels. I’m looking at Opel ronals = (4x100 et30 6jx14) centre bore 56.1mm

I know the cinquecento is 4x98 and has a 58.1mm centre bore I think ?

If I get wobble bolts and the centre bored milled out and maybe spacers where required.

Would you be of the option in could be done?

And would it be safe set up?

Picture below for attention.

Thanks in advance


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Wobble bolts are such a horrible idea.

Consider for a moment that all the drive forces, and all the braking forces are transmitted through those bolts. The wheel should be a snug fit on the centre boss, to support the vehicle weight and keep the wheels concentric.
If whatever wheels you fit have the correct size centre, that part should be ok, but if machining wheels, that hole must be in the centre.
Then you propose to hold them on with bolts that deliberately do not fit. There is a risk, to your own and others' safety. You must tell your insurance company of any modification, even if fitting wheels made for the car. Good luck with the increased premiums for wobble bolts. If you do not tell them, any collision, even not relevant to the wheels may render you uninsured, as the wheels and bolts will be noted during the vehicle inspection. Uninsured brings a big bill if you have to pay other party's costs, plus fines and points on the licence.

Look here instead: