Technical 1242 coil pack ????????????????????????

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Technical 1242 coil pack ????????????????????????

I've never really seen a FIRE engine that doesn't use coilpacks, so i'm not sure how involved it would be to swap over.

On the FIRE engines that use coilpacks, there is an ECU to fire them. The ECU has various sensors that it uses to decide on timing. These include the lambda sensor in the exhaust, the map sensor (monitors the inlet manifold pressure), water temperature (sensor is located in the inletmanifold water way), inlet air temperature (located inside the the top of the SPI unit), and finally the TDC sensor. This takes a reading off the crank pulley (that drives the alternator belt), so that the engine knows when it is at TDC.

I'm not sure which sensors it'd need to do the timing only, as they normal handle the fueling as well.

I'm also not sure if you could just use the coilpacks and then get a standalone system to fire them, i see no reason why that wouldn't work.

Might be better off waiting for someone of the uno guys to come along, they know their Unos better than i do. I'm a Cinquecento/Seicento person!
sounds expensive and complicated to do, my uno has got a normal distrubutor with 4 wires going to the coil and one to the ignition. i thougt it would run of the camshaft like the opel astras use to. anyway thanx for the info
nah, the coil packs are fully electronic. there is a seal at end of them to seal up where the camshaft drive is normally taken from.

Would be handy to have when setting up a turbo'd car though you know. Something to swap over to once you have a standalone control unit once its MPI :)
Is there any Cinquecentos or Seicentos out there. Anything with the coil packs and associated bits already fitted? You could just get them all off another car? You'd need to do some clever wiring, but it'd work.

But yeah, you're right - a proper standalone system would be a better choice and should come with everything needed to convert it.
we've got the Seicentos and the punto's here as well, but I didn't find any of them being stripped or loose parts forsale, I can go and buy all the stuff from a FIAT dealer, but i think that it would be cheaper to buy a comlete Seicentos or something as fiat are charging an arm and a leg for spares.
You have got some very good products over your end.

Don't waste your money on a factory ECU. It will be too costly. Save up for a stand alone and take it with you to the next project. This way you spend only once.