Technical 105 JTD - Where is Throttle Body / Throttle Potential Sensor

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Technical 105 JTD - Where is Throttle Body / Throttle Potential Sensor

Jan 8, 2006
Pontefract W.Yorks
I still think I have a performance issue and there are definate flat spots, its like I can get max performance with half throttle pedal action, pushing any further doesnt seem to make much difference.

So wanted to give this sensor contacts a clean. It worked for my coop but that time the injector light came on and diags pointed to the TPS, this time in the Marae , no injector light so its a long shot, costs nottin to try :D

I mean Position Sensor . What was I thinking although it can make sense.
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It could be that but I had the MAF out of its casing tonight and gave it a clean with alcohol. Looks like new now. What is there to go wrong ? I peice of wire that gets dirty ?

hmmm. I did the reset on the ECU afterwards and let the car idle for 5 mins as per the BOO instructions. Didnt seem to make much difference but then when I unplugged it that didnt either so it may not the the MAF at fault.

So back to the question ? Where is the Throttle body , where I can rev the engine without sitting in the car, the TPS is usually around there if there is one.

think the jtd is drive by wire, so there is no throttle you can manualy pull to rev it up.