Tuning 100hp rear damper options

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Tuning 100hp rear damper options

Feb 12, 2011
Hi guys,

speaking to Koni today they don’t seem to do the Koni sports anymore, what’s the best option for sports dampers for a lowered 100hp?
finding it hard to see what options are available, any experience or recommendations would be welcome.
For the road or track ?

For road there’s rarely anything to be gained.

I take it being lowered it’s already fairly stiff springs
My car had Bilstein B4 fitted at the rear, they were on it when i bought it but didn't look very old.
Had a problem with an occasional clonk and eventually traced to an internal problem with the shock.
I fitted a set of B6 Bilstein and what a difference.
Car feels so much better over rough and undulating roads now , definitely recommend them.
Changing the fronts as soon as more stock arrives.