Technical 1.8 16V running cold.

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Technical 1.8 16V running cold.


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Mar 18, 2002
Does any one know why all 1.8 16V engines run so cold? The meter reads ca. 70 deg. C, and the oil ca 60 deg. C. The fan comes on at ca. 90 deg. C when the car stands still. This is the same with all the cars I have seen in Norway.........

Svend P.
1.8 16v ? Never goes fast enough to work up a sweat! <img src=icon_smile_evil.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Tried to change the sending unit to day. It didn`t help....... I`ll should have bought a Golf (NOT)

Svendp, you seem to be quite concerned - do you have an another associated problem with this??

I think 70'C is a pretty typical figure for the operation temp of coolant these days. I wouldn't worry about it.

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Svendp,thats bang on for the 1v 1.8 it`s the exact same in the barchetta,don`t worry about it just enjoy it<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
I belive the temp in the motor are ok, but the meter reads to low.
For your info: The 20V Turbo (3 sold i Norway) cost ca. £45000 here. That`s why I drive the 1.8......
Just mounted a Supersprint exhaust system yesterday. Nice sound and better performance. An K&N induction filter coming on next week.

jeeeeeeeeeeeez 45,000 for a 20vt turbo, here you can buy realy nice examples for (4 years old)for 8,000 and you could have bought the last of the new ones for around 18,000, but just enjoy yours Svendp