1.4 T-jet dipstick seal replacement

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1.4 T-jet dipstick seal replacement


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Jun 15, 2023
Hi everyone!

I'm looking to replace my dipstick seal on my 1.4 T-Jet Giulietta, because I have an oil smell when restarting the car after it's been sitting for 20-30 minutes. The first 30 seconds when the car would usually blow just hot "engine air" into the cabin, it's blowing oil smell as well.

Has anybody replaced this item before? What was the procedure? I've found how to replace the dipstick tube, but once the tube is out I need to get this gasket out as well, and access seems very limited.

This is the part in question, OE Number #55194828 :

Number 7 on the diagram:


Thanks a lot in advance,
The seal is just a "push fit". If you can't get to the block so you can insert a U shaped tool end under the seal top lip to prise the seal up then you will have to try picking or pulling from vertically above the seal.

This is what I would try:

1) ensure there is plenty of oil around the outside of the seal / block
2) using brake fluid cleaner / acetone / meths clean the inside of the seal - Q-Tip or cloth on a screw driver
3) now find a suitable size frame fixing bolt & plug, or an x mm coach screw (8mm or 10mm diam.) and screw it into the seal
4) now wiggle and pull

The other alternative might be a long bolt (say M3/4/5) with washer on the head end. The washer on the head end is of diameter to pass done into the seal. On the other end is a LARGE/penny washer and nut. The penny wash stops you dropping the bolt into the sump. Now you move the bolt head to the side so the flat washer catches under the bottom edge of the seal. Now pull.