Technical 1.2 16v 85bhp conversion

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Technical 1.2 16v 85bhp conversion


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Jul 16, 2021
Hello, how are you?

I am planning a 1.2 16v conversion and could really use some help.
So I was wondering if anyone here with experience and knowledge on such swaps could point me in the right direction.

There are loads of information on these forums, but it seems that it is sometimes fragmented across multiple threads and build logs and I am having some trouble piecing together my build plan.

I can get a complete, running and low mileage punto mk1 1.2 16v 85bhp car.

So with that, how difficult is fitting that engine on a cento?
Is it easier to go with a SPI cinquecento sporting or a MPI seicento sporting?

Do I use the punto gearbox or the cento stock one?
Are there any other parts I need that are not available on a complete mk1 punto?

Thank you for your time.
Really hope you can help me out.

Best regards.