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Lightbulb Cleaning the Sky Roof

We all love our Sky Roofs but how many of us ever bother to clean them.

A general lube of the mechanism and cleaning the glass both inside and out is pretty straight forward but one area that gave me a problem was the external seal that the blades slide and sit on. You can examine this far more closely if you open the roof and stand up in the middle of the car.

On mine this sealing strip had gone quite hard and was covered in a green mould. Iíve tried various ways of cleaning this and the best solution Iíve come up with is this:
  • Buy a bottle of AUTOGLYM Vinyl & Rubber Care (Iím not a share-holder honestly)
  • Buy a pack of Cotton Buds (if offered a choice then choose the strongest ones you can find)
  • With the roof open, unscrew the top from the bottle (itís normally sprayed on) and, soak a cotton bud in the solution.
  • Youíll now find that if you carefully rub the bud along the felt strip the green mould is soaked up by the cotton bud.
The only strip thatís difficult to get to is the one at the rear and youíll find a clean rag lightly soaked will clean this if care is used. Take care not to drop anything on top of the lower blind when you do this.

The end result is the seal is returned to a rich black finish with a soft velvet touch.

Really sets off the Sky Roof for anyone giving it a close inspection
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