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Boot only opens by key fob

Ever since I purchased the car the boot has only opened by locking, then unlocking the car again. And every time you close the boot you have to repeat the process. The button on the key fob to unlock the boot doesnít seem to do anything, and the key insert on the boot of the car is seized rendering it useless and needs to be replaced. I knew that needed to be replaced from the beginning, but I was wondering if itís linked to the boot open button on the key fob not working? Thanks in advance
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Re: Boot only opens by key fob

You made it sound complicated.. but the only problems I can see are that the boot lock is stuck and the boot release on the key doesn't work.

First one... the boot lock turns a lever which activates the micro-switch on the boot latch to open the boot. If the lock is seized, that's purely a lock problem. Get some WD40 into the latch and work it gently with the key. Unless it's physically broken and jammed, it should eventually free up. When it's free, stuff a load of grease into it, since WD40 is just a releasing agent (kerosene) and will remove any dried grease in there... but then eventually evaporate. It doesn't protect the lock from re-seizing eventually.

The key button... hold the button down for a few seconds. If that doesn't work, it could be a faulty key button. It's less likely that the button works and the car ECU doesn't recognize that signal, but does recognize the main unlock/lock signal.

At least it sounds as if the latch itself is fine, since the regular lock/unlock works. The micro switch on it can wear out, in which case only the key/boot lock would open the boot (so sort the boot lock out, asap).

Ralf S.
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