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Trying to source a replacement Dualogic unit/gearbox.

The problems I've been having with my Punto's Dualogic gearbox have reached the most expensive option. In a nutshell, the car refuses certain gear changes. This is temporarily solved (~100 miles) by running an end-of-line service through the examiner.

The pump works and whines as expected. The accumulator pressure is fine. The battery is in good health. The Dualogic/Selespeed unit had a going over, new oil etc. Many earths and switches were examined and cleaned - a rear cluster earth was found to be very corroded and fixing this helped dramatically...for a while. It's had a new clutch. The gearbox was stripped down for refurbishment but found to be sound already.

So the fault at this point is assumed to be in the Dualogic unit, presumably the actuators themselves, though I really hoped it wouldn't come to that.

All the work has been done by an Italian car specialist at Motormech in Birmingham who knows the Selespeed system very well, albeit mostly from an Alfa Romeo perspective.

Now we're looking to replace the whole gearbox-Dualogic combination but utterly failing to source one. The mechanic explained to me that the two could be separated but the job was specialised and it was best to replace the both together.

Breakers seem not to know what Dualogic/Selepeed is. One gearbox was actually delivered and found to be wrong (around 500). Another was found to be the wrong one just before despatch (around 800). A great deal of clarification goes on and it still goes wrong. I did see one for 1200ish but that's too much money and I'm not sure it'd be the right part anyway.

I know how scarce these parts are but this has been going on for months and I am lost as to what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Please?
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Re: Trying to source a replacement Dualogic unit/gearbox.

Silly question but what do the parts cost from Fiat? Its also worth calling Shop4Parts who source their stuff direct from Italy. They might be able to make a special order for you.

The Duologic box is more common on Pandas I dont know, but maybe they can be swapped to the Punto?

That rear light cluster fix did help a bit. Try running new earth wires from both light clusters down to convenient (and dry) earth points. Also make sure the reversing light switch is 100%. A new one is probably worth fitting.
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Re: Trying to source a replacement Dualogic unit/gearbox.

Shop 4 parts are able to get hold of most things, i normally look the part number up on eper and then email them
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