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Replacing Multijet EGR-valve, seal gaskets?

I'm about to replace the EGR in my multijet Panda 4x4 and so I ordered a new one. It's closing in on 100k km so even if the old one can be cleaned out and reused I thought I'd keep it as a spare, now replacing it with a new one.

So, new one arrived recently but arrived in a box without any seal gaskets. I guess replacing the gaskets is advicable, or could they simply be reused? The parts I find in EPER that I thought would be included are 73502579 and 73502578.

The Swedish webshop I ordered it from specified that seals were included but now says this was in error. I can pick up the fight with them, order gaskets from elsewhere or just try to do replacement with the old gaskets. Recommendations?

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Re: Replacing Multijet EGR-valve, seal gaskets?

My MJ has done 115,000 miles, about twice your distance, and has had no problems with the EGR valve.

As the website have not fulfilled the contract I suggest you ask for your money back and keep on driving the car.

The EGR is very difficult to access, and should be reliable if you use the car regularly and give it a lot of throttle and revs once a week for a short burst.
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Re: Replacing Multijet EGR-valve, seal gaskets?

If you want to pick a fight with the supplier then do so - but it is hardly worth it if the item itself is good. Your existing gaskets should be reusable.

Personally, I have disabled my EGR. They are a right pain to get to anyway and are a piece of stop-gap bodgery which should never have passed the planning stage - but not everyone agrees with deleting them. You will need several different lengths of socket extensions, fingers like a monkey, and plenty of bandaids!
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