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2016 Panda 4x4 hesitation/surging/running issues

Well...unfortunately, the new MAF hasn't fixed the problem. I am however still getting really good MPG, so I'm not sure what's happening there. Maybe the MAF was faulty too!

Fiat called me yesterday to see if everything was ok now. I hadn't had enough chance to test at that time, but whilst they were on the phone, they mentioned something which I find a little strange.

Apparently, the new MAF that was fitted is a Euro 5 version. I said that was a little concerning as it's a Euro 6 engine. They told me that a lot of customers have been having issues with low power from the Euro 6 engines as they're so constrained due to their focus on emissions, and that fitting a MAF from a Euro 5 engine would give it more power.

I said that I don't see how that would work, as it's only a sensor, and a properly working Euro 5 MAF should surely read the same airflow as a properly working Euro 6 MAF...and unless the ECU was remapped to interpret the airflow readings differently, I doubt it'd make any difference.

His answer was that any technical questions would need to be directed to the dealer, as he was just repeating what he'd been told.

I feel like they're just making things up now. I may be completely wrong, but I can't see how it'd make a difference. I'm also surprised that Fiat have condoned fitting a part from a different engine.
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