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Re: Software update makes a big difference

Quote Originally Posted by Herts Hillhopper View Post
You need to do the maths... Super unleaded is up to 10p a litre more expensive. So that means its over 45p a gallon more than 'regular' unleaded petrol. You'd need considerably more that 3-4mpg improvement before you recover this extra cost of the fuel.

The car's ECU is set up to use 95 RON fuel. Giving it something better is not likely to deliver a noticeable improvement in power. Conversely, a car designed to use Super Unleaded will run on the weaker stuff (not so well, admittedly) because the ECU is programmed to compensate if it detects pre-ignition.

Only real advantage (and so not needed every tankful) is that the Super Unleaded fuels have (according to Esso) double the engine-cleaning detergents in them. But since a modern, fuel-injected and computer-controlled engine runs very 'clean' anyway (when did you last see a soot-covered spark plug?), how much benefit this will bring is also questionable. If you look at the websites of the various fuel companies, it is the 'cleaning power' of the super unleaded fuels that they talk about most, rather than any improvement in actual power:
The alfa I was on about is a jtd, but I take your point. The main aim is for the cleaning property from the occasional fill up cos it really does drive better....
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