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Took My GP for a service and it came back with a dent!!!

Hmmm, the GP went in for its first service last week. On collecting the car I found it parked on the tiny fiat dealers forecourt, still wet from being washed. I noticed what looked like a white mark on the car upon collecting it and thought nothing of it. On arriving home I gave the mark a rub, it vanished but revealed a car door dent and a scuff to the paintwork.

Nothing major I know, but Im very careful with my car and so far it has not suffered any dings from other car door. I HATE car door dings in the side of cars!!!

I drove straight back to Fiat and the service manager claimed that it must have been there when I dropped the car off and I hadn't noticed as the car was dirty. I informed him that I had rubbed the white mark off so the damage must have been caused after the car was washed by them!! He then said "Oh a mechanic said he saw a scuff there"!!

They are apparently going to re-spray the bonnet for me as it has a tendancey to scratch every time I wash the car (faulty paintwork apparently). The service guy said they would sort the dent at the same time "as a gesture of goodwill".

Not happy as I lef the car with them dent free, now it isn't!! Im sure all they will do is get a dent magician type guy to work on the dent.

Will this still be visible after its done??? I should imagine the scuff will polish out.

Either way guys, check your cars carefully when you collect them from the garage, you dont know how they have been treated!!
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Re: Took My GP for a service and it came back with a dent!!!

but................what if they didnt dent it but another customer who parked right next to you & dented it?

Not saying this did/did not happen but such is the accusations/expense that I know alot of garages have fitted cameras.Also condition checks done with customer is another way to prevent arguments.

Its one of those 'tricky' ones...but if they are going to repair it then all good & well,oh & by the way so of those dent removal guys are superb
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Re: Took My GP for a service and it came back with a dent!!!

its generally a good idea for a dealership to keep customers cars (which they are responsible for during service/repair whatever) seperate from the general car park/road.

I won't go into it properly but we had a similar problem, but it was with a new audi, some git picking up their car fromthe car park, and reversing into our new car before the plastic was even removed from it.
because it was in the compound the blame was left with audi, and the git who did it got off scot free.
took over 4months to get it sorted out

in general people just don't give half a monkey about other peopls property nowadays, my car used to have just one (barely noticable) door dent, now it has at least 5down each side (in the last year), the first person I catch doing it/track down via CCTV is gonna get it*

*yes the cars value is almost insignificant now, but its just the cheek of it. makes me mad
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Re: Took My GP for a service and it came back with a dent!!!

this same thing happened to my civic when we got it new in 2004 after the garage had billed us for an alarm and not fitted one, we brought the car back a week later and they took it in to fit the alarm in the morning, we then had to come back later that afternoon t collect it only to find that the drivers front wing and the passenger door were dented, the door had brickdust in a line from the window to the bottom. it was obvious that the car had been turned in around a really tight corner and caught the wall and after seeing the alarm fitters sticker in the window i knew exactly how and where it had happened. after they repaired the damage we went to collect the car from them and then noticed that the they only repaired the front wing and left the door the way it was. i pointed this out to the service manager and he claimed i never mentioned it the first time and that it could have happened anywhere, I felt like killing him at this stage and then he had the f*kin cheek to say "well its hardly noticable anyway". needless to say i got my way in the end but who do they think they are to tell you "its hardly noticable" on a 7 day old car that you just paid them 21 grand for.
It is true that it could have been caused by anyone anytime while its in there carpark but thats the point, its in their carpark and their responsible for it.,
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Re: Took My GP for a service and it came back with a dent!!!

my dad dropped his fiat uno off for an mot once got phoen call 3 hours later. rthe garages bin lorry revesered into it lol needles to say the uno came off worse
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