hi guys, i just thought i would post a simple tried and proven way of taking off side rub strips and the "punto" lettering badges and the "sporting" badges.

you will need:

1.hair drier

2. some kind of fishing wire perhaps (i had to use toothfloss as i didn't have any fishing wire, but it still worked but you may have to keep breaking off new strands as dental floss isn't very strong)....

3.tar&glue remover, i recommend auto glym (halfords £4.99 i think, bargain)

4. lint free cloth (not vital)

5.t-cut with cloth

6. sponge with warm water and car shampoo


What to do:

1. use the hair drier to heat up the resin backing on the rub strips/ badges. do long slow sweeps but dont over do it with heating them up!!! you will know when the resin behind the badges is warmed up as you can move them just by prodding them a bit.

2. next take your fishing wire/dental floss and wrap it around your fingers and make it taut, then begin to rub behind the beginning of the strips/badges doing an "up and down" motion. you will slowly see the badge sperating from the car.
(its important to keep heating the rub strips as they are much larger, so if you dont keep them heated they will cool down and you will be left with loads of glue which believeme, takes HOURS to get rid of i followed a tutorial which said using hot water and a sponge to soak the strips was the best.... believe me, its not you WILL be left with loads of resin if you do it this way!!!!).

3. now that you have removed the badges/ rub strips break out the tar and glue, put an small amount on your cloth, rub lightly over the left over resin (there will always be some left) keep applying to thoroughly dampened.

4. leave to dry for 1-2 mins.

5. now use your cloth to rub off the resin, it can take a bit of effort but dont lose hope, you will prevail eventually!!:slayer:

6. now you might notice there are some lighter bits left behind, all you have to do is wipe off the tar and glue, then t cut the area and it will look like the rest of the paintwork with a bit of elbowgrease...

7. wash the area with the sponge and car shampoo

8. admire your now debaged/ smooth sided punto!

P.S i have personally done all this myself, aswell as completely re spraying my wheels in satin black, spraying my side repeaters black, and spraying my rear lights black so believe me, this is the way to do it!!