to start of with, you will need the following:

1.a few sheets of 240, 800, 1200 wet and dry sandpaper (japparts do these in single sheets for 33p each! bargain!)

2. a soft clean rag this is necessary if you want a good finish

3. 2x cans of grey primer (hit your local halfords £5.99 i think. cans i used were smaller than the satin black cans and its enough for four wheels)

4. 2x satin black paint (halfords again. this covers four wheels)

5.masking tape!! dont forget it its essential! P.S i used some other tape to stick to the tyre as the masking tape doesnt stick well to the tyre so try some out, mine was plasticy looking stuff i found in the shed....

6.newspaper, lots of it (i used two whole papers so as not to get any paint anywhere)

7. a stereo to keep you entertained as it took me on my first attempt to do everything (including jack the car up, remove wheels etc) about 2 and a half to 3 hours to do two tyres (i only had room to do two at a time on my small barbeque) so break one out so you dont get bored!

8.something to lay the wheels on (table. i used my dads barbeque)

9. some sort of roofing so if it starts raining they wont get wet and ruined!!!!)

10. open well ventillated area

11. some sort of breathing mask if you feel you need one (i didnt use one)

12. an apron unless you dont mind your clothes getting dirty

13. gloves as the sandpaper can make your fingers quite sore after a while (i managed without, its not too bad )

14. obviously you will need a jack, a stand and the required bits to take your wheel off...

15. hair drier

what to do now you have all the bits:

1. lay your newspaper down. make sure there are no uncovered bits as they WILL get sprayed if there are

2. lay out your sandpaper/ other bits i mentioned, ready for starting

3. jack the car up, remove the wheel, place on car stand

4. now give the wheels a clean with the rag, and get off dirt

5. remove centre caps (they pop off easily if you just bang them out with the plastic end of a screwdriver)

6.mask around the wheel so there are no uncovered patches (if there are you WILL see it after you have sprayed them bur you can clean this off after..)

7. first rip the sandpaper into smaller, easier to use bits (there are many hard to reach bits on the mk2b sporting wheels so you MUST have small pieces) then begin sanding with your 240 wet and dry paper. make sure it now looks dull (there may be some slightly shiny bits left, but it doesnt matter as long as it has been keyed a bit). next use the 800, then do the same with the 1200...

8.dust wheels off well with the rag, make sure you get into all the little hard to get bits.

9. now shake your grey primer well (it takes about 5 mins to dry enough for you to do the next coat when outside and using a hairdrier) , then do your first light coat, make sure you dont get too close to the wheel when spraying, and make sure you dont layer it on too thick as this will result in runs!! cover the WHOLE wheel and double check to see if there are any bits you missed. (use the hairdrier to speed the proccess up a bit, but dont over do it!)
once your happy with the first coat, you may do this again (i did four coats of primer, which turned out nicely) but the MOST important thing is to DUST INBETWEEN COATS!! i cannot stress how important it is to do this when spraying outdoors, or you WILL have little bits of dust land on the wheels, and believe me, you probably wont see most of it untill you have finished spraying and look closely at the wheel and see lots of bits that you cannot remove now...

10. ok so now that your wheels are dried after being primed etc you may move onto spraying with satin black... first dont forget to dust the wheel! then shake the can well, and begin to spray the wheel, making sure to cover it all (make sure you have gone around the lip as sometimes this bit doesnt get covered...)

11.keep repeating the dust, spray, hairdry proccess and do 5 coats of satin black in total to make yours look like mine..

12. allow to dry for about 5-10 mins after doing the last coat of satin black, than CAREFULLY put the wheel back on (spray the bolts when they are in and tightened to finish off the look)

13. admire your new wheels!!! :devil:
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