In order to retrofit a steering wheel with buttons on a stilo without buttons you need to follow this guide. If you switch a steering wheel with buttons with another with buttons (maybe put an 11 button instead of 5), use page 2 and 3 to see how to take the steering wheel out, then just follow the steps in reverse order to fit it back.

Some photos in this guide are not taken by me, but have found them on a german site.

Right now getting back to retrofitting, here are is what you will need:

  • A steering wheel with buttons
    A clock spring from a car that had buttons on the steering wheel (they have different connections than a normal clock spring i.e. the normal clock spring has 2 airbag connections and a horn connector (white in colour) whereas we need one with 2 airbag connections and a multiplexer connector (will have more that 2 wires and black in colour) )
    A 24mm socket with extension and a ratchet
    A 5 allen bit or screwdriver
    A PZ1/PH1 (+) screwdriver
    A soldering iron with a sharp tip (soldering skills needed as well)
    Solder paste
    3 rolls of wire (3-5 amp wire found at any ICE shop, i.e. Halfords)
    3 wire clamps klemme.jpg