These instructions apply to the removal and replacement of the complete door mirror (not just the glass)

You will need enough space to fully open the door. The mirror is held by four bolts.

NOTE: The illustrations are for the nearside door but procedure for the offside is identical.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the door wide and you will see two round rubber grommets (hidden when the door is shut), remove these to reveal two of the four fixing bolts, unscrew and remove these two bolts.
  2. There is a long vertical plastic cover through which the mirror adjuster protrudes, unscrew and remove the screw from this cover (Note: the cover will not be free yet)
  3. Remove the rubber sleeve covering the mirror adjuster to reveal a circular 'nut' with four notches round the rim, this holds the threaded end of the adjuster to the long vertical plastic cover. Unscrew and remove this circular nut, this will free the plastic cover.
  4. Remove the long vertical plastic cover, to gain access to the two remaining bolts holding the door mirror. Make provision to support the door mirror, then unscrew and remove these last two fixing bolts.
  5. The door mirror is now free and can be removed.
  6. Replacement is the reversal of these instructions.
    fig 1 & 2.JPG