Rear Light Bulb Change - Extra Tool Needed Please Read

Hello there! As some of you may already know there can be a few problems with changing a light bulb on the back of a Doblo. As most Doblo's are used daily it's important you're able to change a bulb at the side of the road, as it's illegal do drive with a defected one and the police are able to fine you.

Below is an outline to the steps needed to remove the light cluster, however not all the tools you need are included in the toolbag stored under the rear seats or behind the drivers seat on the van versions... All will be come clear below:

Slide the speaker cover out - DO NOT try to pull it up or pull the edges you will break the clip - the whole unit should clip out together.

Use the wheel brace to SLACKEN the nut holding the light cluster in - DO NOT remove it all the way with the brace.

Now use the small grey plastic tool in your toolbag to undo the nut all the way - this is used so that the nut won't fall down in the cavity never to be seen again.

This is where the problems start - DO NOT use the supplied screwdriver in the toolbag as you will just round off the bolts - as shown above...

You need to use a 10mm socket/spanner or use a larger posi screwdriver which you really should keep in your toolbag should you need to change a bulb.

Now the unit will slide out, just disconnect the wiring plug, undo the 4 screws and carefully remove the plastic cover - not to damage the rubber seal - to reveal the lightbulbs! When putting it back together it's worth soaking the screws and bolts (except the interior one) in WD40 as a rustproofing/waterproofing method to make them easier to take out next time!

If anyone has any suggestions of tutorials such as this they would like to see on the forum, or would like me to compile a list of some FAQ's then please drop me a PM. Hope this helps, Ozzie (y)