This is my first guide, and pictures will soon be uploaded to offer clear guidance!


  1. Use gloves (To give you better grip, avoid cuts and also stops you getting covered in rust and oil)
  2. Have a nearby mobile phone or somebody spare to be beside you
  3. Do not use axel stands on an uneven surface, make sure it is level
  4. Have patience, you need a lot of force in certain areas but if you feel something is unsafe, it probably is so do take your time and have your wits about you

All Round

  1. WD40 (I used a product called shock and unlock, frees up rusted/seized bolts and nuts which was a huge help)
  2. Hydraulic Jack
  3. Axel Stands (Pair of)
  4. Heavy Duty Ratchet (I used a 1/2 inch bit for extra force)
  5. Swearing (lots and lots)

  1. E18 Socket (Star Shaped) to match Ratchet obviously

  1. 17mm Socket
  2. 17mm Wrench
  3. 18mm Deep Socket (Important, has to be Deep!)
  4. 18mm Wrench
  5. Spring Compressors

Rear Axel

Firstly, without pictures at the moment i'll try to explain really easy step by step!!!

  1. Jack the car up and place axel stands underneath. You will need the car to be relatively high as you will need to push down the axel to release the spring.
  2. Car is now jacked up safely on axel stands, wheel is removed. You will see in front of you the brake hub, the spring, and then shock absorber next to it. There is the E18 Star Shaped Bolt attaching the shock absorber to the Axel. You could do with a second pair of hands to help keep your socket attached to the bolt, as you pull for your life underneath the car. Remember use lubricant to aid you. Remove this bolt and now you will be able to move the rear axel freely up and down.
  3. The spring isn't attached by any bolts, just the actually force of the spring pushing against each points. You could use spring compressors to free it however with the space available, and the pain of them. I just pushed up and down on the axel using WD40 they worked loose.
  4. If you are having problems releasing the springs, your car is probably to low off the ground.
  5. Now the springs is in a sort of rubber housing, simply push out the housing and fit to new springs, simple as that.
  6. Make sure the spring and it's housings are correctly in.
  7. Refit your wheel, remove axel stands and put your rear end back on the ground and stand there sweating thinking i should of paid someone as you realise you've now got the front!

Front Axel

Now, this may seem daunting but it really isn't! Just take your time, there are brake lines to think about when you are doing this.

  1. Same again, remove wheels and put on stands, these don't need to be too high as you won't be bouncing any axel up and down!
  2. Now looking at your brake discs, you will see the bottom of your shock absorber attached by two Bolts. Give these a good spray with whatever lubricant, freeing agent your are using.
  3. Attach your 18mm Wrench to the nuts, and pull for your life with your 18mm socket and ratchet attached to the bolt!
  4. I found it a lot easier, leaving the bolts in until last.
  5. There is then the strut bar, attached to the shock. Your can see the nut quite easily. However, the strut is attached using a sort of spring mechanism which means as you turn the nut, so does the bolt. Behing the piece of metal behind the nut, there is a piece of metal where you can slot in your 17mm wrench so as you turn the nut using your 17mm socket, it will stop the bolt moving.
  6. With that nut now off, time to open the bonnet
  7. Remove window wipers, think its a 12mm socket. then remove screws clipping the plastic to the car. Remove plastic part so you have access to the top of the shock absorber. Using your deep 18mm socket you now remove the nuts from these.
  8. Unattach the brake lines and pipes clipped onto the brake line, don't worry they just slide back on
  9. Go back under your wheel arch and pull out the bolts that i mentioned leaving in.
  10. You can now simply lower your shock absorber avoiding the pipes and your car body and pull away from the car.