This is my first guide, and pictures will soon be uploaded to offer clear guidance!


  1. Use gloves (To give you better grip, avoid cuts and also stops you getting covered in rust and oil)
  2. Have a nearby mobile phone or somebody spare to be beside you
  3. Do not use axel stands on an uneven surface, make sure it is level
  4. Have patience, you need a lot of force in certain areas but if you feel something is unsafe, it probably is so do take your time and have your wits about you

All Round

  1. WD40 (I used a product called shock and unlock, frees up rusted/seized bolts and nuts which was a huge help)
  2. Hydraulic Jack
  3. Axel Stands (Pair of)
  4. Heavy Duty Ratchet (I used a 1/2 inch bit for extra force)
  5. Swearing (lots and lots)

  1. E18 Socket (Star Shaped) to match Ratchet obviously

  1. 17mm Socket
  2. 17mm Wrench
  3. 18mm Deep Socket (Important, has to be Deep!)
  4. 18mm Wrench
  5. Spring Compressors