In the past ive asked myself, why do I want to change my headunit;

Preouts for Subwoofer..
USB Input..
iPod Connectifity..
Bluetooth Handsfree..

Well the Grande Punto has most of these. (if you have B&M)
but one blaring ommision was Preouts for a subwoofer for adding Chavness. :rolleyes::(

But theres a little known tool out there that allows you to add preouts to your existing Headunit..
Regardless of your car.. So this will work on ANY Unit.

The tool, known as a LC2A High Output to RCA Adapter splices into your speaker high level output
and converts it to a low level RCA output to send to your Amp, here you can do what you want.

Add new speakers.. Add Subs.. Because this only takes a feed to your amp, it doesnt matter on the output of your headunit :D
so you can upgrade those measly 40w speakers in the rear and front of your GP to 200watt beasts ;)

Simply remove your headunit using the removal tool.

You will need to buy a pack of line connectors (or splicing tools) available from maplin in packs of 20 for £1.50.

Using the diagram on the base of the headunit find you FRONT Spears positive and negative feeds for Left and Right speakers.

Using you splicing tools, take the left +/- cables from the RCA adapter and attach to the left +/- cables from the headunit. repeat on for the right.

NOTE; I've used the fronts as ive got my Headunit balanced forwards, you CAN add another adapter to the rear calbes,
meaning you can attach a second adapter.


Now because you dont want to flatten your battery, or your sub wont turn on...
you will need to attach a 12v Remote feed to remotely turn your sub on and off.

If you have the rear 12v Socket in your boot, you can splice your feed in here..

If not, remove your gear stick gator, put a flat head screw driver under the cover and twist/pull to remove,
here you will see the Positive cable for your cigarette light, using another splicing tool, attach your remote feed here. (y)

For fitting the rest of the Sub and where to feed your cables see this thread;