I recently bought a short shifter from MTech for my 1.9 8v Bravo with the 5-speed gearbox (C350.5). After chatting to the people at MTech, they assured me this was the correct part for my gearbox. I would highly recommend getting your short shifter from them should you buy one.

Tools you will need:
- 13mm socket with a long extension
- Something to pry up on the current linkage with, I used locking pliers
- Allen key, check the size before you attempt to fit, its really small.
- Your short shifter!

So, firstly you will need to find the current shifter linkage which will be somewhere on top of the gearbox. On my car, it is pretty much directly below the brake fluid reservoir. There is a handy gap to reach down there to change what you need to.


Use your 13mm socket to undo the nut you should see by the black weight off to the left of the linkages. Once undone you should be able to lift the weight off the "bolt" that it is slotted over. Doing this first will allow you more access for the next step.


Next, you need to use something to pry the linkage which comes from the firewall/bulkhead upwards. In my picture above the linkage is the object with the green centre, yours may not be exactly the same. In my case, I ended up using a set of locking pliers to grip onto it and pulled up and toward the firewall. The link didn't pop off and didn't move a lot when it came off, so be careful not to pull on the linkage to much in case you cause damage to it.

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