This is a guide for the top grille on your Bravo, although the steps taken in this guide would be very similar for the bottom grille as well.

Firstly, you need to remove the grille off the front of your Bravo.

This is done by pulling each end, one at a time, until the clips release. Once you have the grille released from its retaining holes guide the grille out trying not to bend it to much either way.

Now to dissembling the grille. This is pretty easy, just work your way around with a screwdriver prying up the tabs that hold the chrome surround in place. As you pry upwards on the clip, pull the chrome surround away from the black plastic, keep doing this until the surround is off.

Then, using an 8mm socket, remove the Fiat badge from the grille.

Once complete you should have something like this.

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