Seicento Siecento Schumacher.


Well after loads and loads of time looking, travelling and more looking I finally nailed down a Sei Schumacher in original mint condition. As you can see its yellow! I am totally chuffed with it. Looked for all the signs Fingers told me to look for and its perfect bar a scratch on the drivers door (cheers mate (y)).

Not really any plans for it other than to love it and drive it. I will fit genuine FIAT floor mats and I am considering swapping the airbagged steering wheel over to a non airbag racy type of wheel. Just as long as I can do that without any warning lights (need to research this) then I will do that.

I have got the trader to deliver it to me this Saturday as I am not putting it on the road until the beginning of July (tax and insurance to sort etc). I am really happy with it and look forward to zipping around with it in future. :slayer:

Its got a full service history and has done 39,000 miles. The interior is very clean and the spare does not look like it has ever been used.


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