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Ferrari 360 Modena (Fiat Family)!


Ok ok its not my car but my best mates. He isn't a forum member but I am and I need to show you this beauty.

I have just come back from one of the most memorable journeys in my life well in motoring terms anyway lets get a bit of perspective!

My best mate has justed popped round in his new motor. Only a Ferrari 360 Modena! I dont know about you peeps but I usually get excited when I see any Ferrari coming the other way let alone coming to my house to pick me up and go for a blast. Anyway what a motor. To date the quickest thing I have ever been is was a heavily modded Saphire Cosworth but this has to beat it.

OH MY GOD. The acceleration, sound, passion of Ferrari. Amazing. He's a jammy sod. I'm glad he's my best mate! I have added a few pics, sorry for the poor images it was dark!

Now how do I mod my Fiat Cinquecento Sporting to get that kind of performance!


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