Grande Punto PROJECT: BLUEBELL! Lockwood's Blue 1.4L 16v Sporting


Long time lurker here...and today I've upgraded from a 1.4L Dynamic 5dr to a fully fledged 1.4L 16v Sporting. :slayer:

It was love at first sight. I've been admiring the metallic blue Punto's for a while now and I knew I just had to get one - so that's exactly what I did!

She's an absolute beaut, and she'll will be my little project for the next year or two at least :) I say project, not only because I have a lot of little mods planned for her, but because she has more than her fair share of wear and tear.

Aside from the rather major scrape here and there, she does need a lot of work mechanically...having sat on a forecourt for over a year - but aside from that she drives like a dream. Some real power in lower gears I've found and that 6th gear to cruise everyday to work for great MPG. In true Punto-loving spirit I thought I'd take it upon myself to give her the TLC she truly deserves. :D

So here she is:




(note: the nice big dint...previous owner couldn't park!? ;) )


She needs:

- New brake pads
- 4 New tires
- Dints and scrapes taking care of
- Some plastic bodywork replacing where it's either missing or falling off
- Alloys refurbishing

...and know to the fun part ;)

- New grille (lower and top, in gloss black *debadged version!)
- Abarth front and back lights (I'd be tempted to get the EVO lights for the rear if I found someone who wouldn't mind helping me fit them)
- Either fake gloss black painted/plastidip or MS design rear diffuser
- MS design splitter
- Centre placed Punto Evo badge (removing the original badge)
- Paint the callipers red
- Mud flaps (not everyone's cup of tea I know, but heyho)
- Rear window tints - not too dark
- Couple of sports seats - still mulling this over as I actually quite like the current ones!

Most of these, especially the one's that are expensive, will be a while off - but it's good to have a show of intent (y)

They'll be many more pictures on the way in the coming weeks, going to give it a good clean and tidy before I get her in the bodyshop to be fixed externally. :yum:

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